Quality Improvement Portal

We have developed an online portal (Quality Improvement Portal or QIP) that will support Healthcare Organisations (HCO) to improve the quality of the services they deliver and the care they provide to patients. QIP will enable organisations to take a systematic and consistent approach in bringing about positive sustained change as well as support Healthcare setups to be proactive in their approach to Sustained Quality Improvement, therefore ensuring that they are well-led, safe and effective (which are key areas for NABH and quality control in India).

HCOs will have the ability to download numerous clinical and non-clinical audits to assess current performance and identify where change or service improvement is required. Some of the available audits are:

  • Audit Checklist for Emergency Room and Ambulance
  • Audit Checklist for Out Patient Department
  • Audit Checklist for Specialized Wards
  • Audit Checklist for Wards
  • Audit Checklist for OBG and Labour Room
  • Audit Checklist for Chemotherapy Unit
  • Audit Checklist for Dialysis Unit

QIP will also contain numerous policies, protocols and procedures that align with Best Practice. HCO’s can choose to implement the policies, protocols or procedures in their current form or amend to align with local pathways. Where appropriate, the policies available through QIP will also have an audit tool function available to help organisations to undertake audit and demonstrate compliance or non-compliance. All audits will have a pre-written and automated action plan which will save time and support practices taking forward quality improvements (which can also be used as evidence for future inspections).